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Photo and video gallery

Click through the gallery below to find more about rusty crayfish, zebra and quagga mussels, Asian Clams, multiple carp species, European Rudd, purple loosestrife, common reed, didymo, and Eurasian watermilfoil. To request the use of these photos or to obtain a high resolution file, please email us at

AIS Species


Learn more about aquatic plant and animal species through this multi-media gallery of photos and videos. Be able to recognize South Dakota's least wanted species when you are out boating or fishing this season.



Learn more about aquatic invasive species including how you can clean, drain, dry and more on our FAQ page!


Citizen Monitoring

Get involved in the fight against invasive species. Participants can just a group of like-minded individuals as part of Citizen Zebra Mussel Monitoring. Join the fight here!