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Rusty Crayfish

In June 2015, a South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks (GFP) conservation officer in the southeastern part of the state encountered an angler who had illegally trapped crayfish for bait from the Missouri River below Gavins Point Dam.

Among that illegal bait was what the conservation officer suspected to be rusty crayfish.

Additional GFP samples were obtained from the area and experts confirmed the invasive species.

Rusty crayfish are an extremely aggressive species. They typically grow much larger than native crayfish and directly compete with these species for food and suitable habitat.  

Anglers are reminded that live rusty crayfish are illegal to possess and/or transport. 

Furthermore, anglers should be aware that no live bait may be harvested in the portion of the Missouri River below Gavins Point Dam. If an angler believes they have found a rusty crayfish in a new water body, they should contact their local GFP office as soon as possible to report the sighting. 


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